Limbo of the Lost is a 2D point-and-click adventure game. It consists of an animated 2D character moving over a 2D background. While most other assets appear to have been taken from other commercial products, the characters themselves appear to be mostly original art. Some characters, however, appear to be taken from online libraries of poser art. Using royalty-free models is perfectly legal and a widely accepted practice; it is only because LotL appear to use so FEW original art assets that the origin of these models becomes noteworthy.

'Skeletal Horse'Edit


In the intro movie on the bonus DVD packed with the LotL game disc, the protagonist is assaulted by the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. These horsemen ride skeletal horses that appear to be Royloo's Skele-Horse.
This same horse is also available from DAZ Productions.

DAZ Productions - Skeleton Horse

DAZ Productions' Skeleton Horse

DAZ Productions' TrollEdit

Limbo's Troll, as seen below, appears to be DAZ Production's troll which is purchasable for use with their DAZ 3D product (a product similar to Poser).


Compare the troll as of 0:21 in the video to the rendered sample of DAZ Productions' troll (side-by-side image below). Various features appear to match up, such as the bridge of the nose, the teeth, the two vertical lines in the texture on the right shoulder, the transition between dark mottled and light smooth texture on the right shoulder, and the vertical line in the texture on the ridge of the neck. Further images to compare with are available at the site for DAZ's troll.


DAZ Productions' "Pendulum"Edit

The axe room (including axe) in which a giant axe swings above Briggs at the very end of the game comes from DAZ Productions' "Pendulum" package. Furthermore, the DAZ Productions asset is based on the pendulum from Finnish metal band Nightwish's 2007 album Dark Passion Play.


Limbo of the Lost axe room scene

DAZ Productions "The Pendulum"

DAZ Productions "The Pendulum" asset

DAZ Productions' "Alchemy Chasm"Edit

The rooms at the end of the game, each standing for one sin, are DAZ Productions' "Alchemy Chasm".


Limbo of the Lost "sin room"


DAZ Productions' Alchemy Chasm

DAZ Productions' "Steam-Mech"Edit

In one cutscene Nilmates is using a Steampunk Robot. This is DAZ Productions' Steam-Mech. It seems the walking animation is from there too, because it's too professional for a work of Majestic Studios. Furthermore, Nilmates looks suspiciously like the Dark Being from Lighthouse, by Sierra.

Cutscene from Lotl


DAZ Productions' Steam-Mech

DAZ Productions' "RPG Series" hammerEdit

Limbo of the Lost - Hammer of Thor

One of the Inventory Items in Limbo of the Lost; "Hammer of Thor".

Daz Productions - RPG Series weaponry

DAZ Productions' RPG Series weaponry, including hammer.

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