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These pages represent a collection of the various assets that appear to have been taken from other games, from movies and other sources.


These pages discuss the story behind the controversy.


These pages are a collection of the gaming community's response to the LotL controversy.

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What is LotlWiki?

Lotlwiki is a resource for all those interested in the controversy surrounding the Majestic Studios game Limbo of the Lost. At the time of this wiki's creation, gamers worldwide are deeply engaged in a search for the origin of the assets with which this game was created. This wiki has been created as a central repository for the resources that these dedicated detectives are finding.

If you're new here, feel free to create an account and start contributing. We need your help. There are hundreds of images in LotL that remain unidentified!

Forum threads

These are forum threads discussing LotL.

Featured media

The ending. So you don't have to play it yourself.


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