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Limbo of the Lost is a 2D point-and-click adventure game. It consists of an animated 2D character moving over a 2D background.

Most, if not all of these backgrounds appear to have been taken from other commercial games. It is a misapprehension by some that LotL contains realtime 3D art and that the plagiarism in question could be explained in the same way that the Stalker plagiarism scandal was resolved. This is not the case. All of the background in LotL are static images. Thus, all that the artist needed to do to create them from another game's assets was to play the game and take a screenshot, then manipulate that screenshot in Photoshop as necessary.

Some backgrounds contain assets from more than one game. The screenshots below are listed by the game from which the original art appears to have been taken. If a screenshot contains art from more than one source, it is noted.

Diablo II[]

Many backgrounds in LotL contain small images that have been pasted on in an image editing program to make the screenshots look more macabre.

Limbo of the Lost Diablo II Notes

141 three doors.jpg

Walloftheeyeless.gif Wall of the Eyeless is a shield item from Diablo II
Snap14.jpg Invfhlu.jpg Full Helm used for uniques in Diablo II can be seen in the screenshot on the right of the character, although somewhat vertically compressed. Not to miss the Elder Scrolls armor and weapons on the back wall
728 clothes.jpg Invmbt.jpg Chain/Mesh/Boneweave Boots from Diablo II which can be seen in the screenshot on the right, darkened. Also, the cloak in the centre uses the model for 'Cloak of Protection +2' from Baldur's Gate series.


Limbo of the Lost Enclave Notes
LIMBO-of-the-LOST-2008-06-4.jpg Enclave-2008-06-27-20-59-53.jpg
LIMBO-of-the-LOST-2008-06-2.jpg Enclave-2008-06-27-21-03-09.jpg
49 kitchen door.jpg Enclave-2008-06-28-14-46-38.jpg
50 granny faggot.jpg Enclave-2008-06-28-14-42-08.jpg
85 Exit right.jpg Enclave-2008-06-28-14-27-40.jpg
LIMBO-of-the-LOST-2008-06-5.jpg Enclave-2008-06-28-14-25-46.jpg
69 Popeyesings.jpg Enclave-2008-06-28-14-29-46.jpg Mirrored image
42 shh Grunger.jpg Enclave-2008-06-28-15-28-46.jpg
43 Grunger.jpg Enclave-2008-06-28-15-32-18.jpg
LIMBO-of-the-LOST-2008-06-1.jpg Enclave-2008-06-28-15-29-35.jpg

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind[]

Limbo of the Lost Morrowind Notes
Snap14.jpg MWstuff.jpg This background contains elements from the Orcish Armor set in Morrowind, plus a recoloured glass staff, a recolored daedric shortsword and a Nordic battle axe.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion[]

Limbo of the Lost Oblivion Notes
0002432.jpg 0002433.jpg

Castle Skingrad. Note, however, since the programmer of LotL wanted the torches to be animated, he clone-stamped out the fires from Oblivion and superimposed a fire gif

Limbo2copy1.jpg Oblivion2copy1.jpg Fighter's Guild, Anvil
Limbo1-limbo.jpg Limbo1-oblivion.jpg First Edition, Imperial City
Limbo5copy.jpg Oblivion5copy.jpg
LotlBonus-28.jpg 5 Claws Lodge - Leyawiin.jpg Five Claws Lodge, Leyawiin
LotlBonus-36.jpg Castle Anvil - Smithy.jpg Smithy, Castle Anvil
LotlBonus-35.jpg The Fair Deal - Bravil.jpg The Fair Deal, Bravil
LotlBonus-41.jpg Office of Imperial Commerce - IC Market District.jpg Office of Imperial Commerce, Imperial City
LotlBonus-29.jpg Oblivion - Leyawiin - Five Claws Lodge 01.jpg Five Claws Lodge, Leyawiin
LotlBonus-30.jpg Oblivion - Leyawiin - Five Claws Lodge 02.jpg Five Claws Lodge, Leyawiin

Awaiting comparison shots[]

Return to Castle Wolfenstein[]

Limbo of the Lost Return to Castle Wolfenstein Notes
932503 20080507 screen009.jpg Lol.jpg
Firstsceance.jpg Lol1.jpg
40 ill lit.jpg WolfSP-2008-06-29-10-18-09-.jpg
23 corridor7.jpg WolfSP-2008-06-29-10-38-40-.jpg
22 corridor6.jpg WolfSP-2008-06-29-10-55-19-.jpg
76 chaos.jpg WolfSP-2008-06-29-10-53-59-.jpg
24 corridor8.jpg WolfSP-2008-06-29-10-30-34-.jpg
26 urdur.jpg Rtcw church 1.jpg
19 corridor4.jpg Rtcw church 3.jpg
21 corridor5.jpg Rtcw church 2.jpg

Thief: Deadly Shadows (a.k.a. Thief III)[]

Limbo of the Lost Thief III Notes
Limbo2-limbo.jpg Limbo2-thief.jpg
Limboofthelost200805301mw8.jpg Thief.JPG
LotlBonus-26.jpg TDS-Docks-Tavern.jpg
LotlBonus-25.jpg TDS-Old Quarter Fence.jpg

Awaiting comparison images[]

Unreal Tournament 2003/2004[]

Limbo of the Lost Unreal Tournament Notes
Snap2.jpg UT2004-6-12-2008-DM-Helmzde.jpg UT2k4: DM-Helmsdeep
Snap3.jpg UT2004-6-12-2008-DM-Helmzd1.jpg UT2k4: DM-Helmsdeep
Snap15.jpg UT20042008-06-1202-29-25-76.jpg UT2k4: ONS-Urban
Snap17.jpg UT2004-6-12-2008-Aristocra1.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
Snap1.jpg UT2004-6-12-2008-Aristocrac.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-27.jpg Shot00002.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-32.jpg Shot00010.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-33.jpg Shot00009.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-51.jpg Shot00011.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-34.jpg Shot00007.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-37.jpg Shot00008.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-39.jpg Shot00004.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-40.jpg Shot00012.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-43.jpg Shot00006.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-49.jpg Shot00003.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
463 welcome.jpg Shot00016.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
474 pixelbitchyegods.jpg Shot00017.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-53.jpg Shot00018.jpg UT2k4: DM-Aristocracy
LotlBonus-14.jpg Dmpurisma1ch7.jpg UT2k4: DM-Purisma
LotlBonus-15.jpg Dmpurisma2nh2.jpg UT2k4: DM-Purisma
Limboofthelost200805301dl1.jpg Dmpurisma3ec6.jpg UT2k4: DM-Purisma
310 flying.jpg Shot00013.jpg UT2k4: DM-Purisma
314 exit.jpg Shot00014.jpg UT2k4: DM-Purisma
401 sewer down.jpg Shot00015.jpg UT2k4: DM-Purisma
LotlBonus-64.jpg Shot00487.png DM-1on1-Zoetic
LotlBonus-65.jpg Shot00488.png DM-Asbestos

Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines[]

Limbo of the Lost Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines Notes
S29203 pc 76.jpg Bloodlines la plaguebearer sewer.jpg This is where you first enter the Plaguebearer sewer map.

Awaiting comparison shots[]

Weta Collectibles[]

Limbo of the Lost Weta Collectible Notes
Snap2.jpg Wraith-front-full.jpg This background contains an image of the Weta Collectible Ringwraith bust from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings movies.

Licensable Assets[]

Limbo of the Lost DAZ Productions Notes
Limbo of the Lost - Sin Room DAZ Productions - The Pendulum This background is comprised almost entirely of a single licensable asset from DAZ Productions
LotlBonus-66.jpg Steammech.jpg This background image uses another licensable asset from DAZ Productions: a Steampunk robot, which is also used in one of the cutscenes for the game.


These images are suspected to originate from UT2k4. Map name unknown.

These images are suspected to originate from UT2k4. They use assets from ONS-Urban but in a configuration not visible in the map.

Painkiller Multiplayer[]

The following images are all taken from the bonus DVD or the game itself and are awaiting research into their origins. For anyone looking for additional images, this thread at has zillions.

Edit: Some of these feel like Knights of the Temple, further investigation needed.

Limbo of the Lost Painkiller Notes
932503 20080514 screen015.jpg Pnklr-20080612-031757.jpg
Snap12.jpg Pnklr-20080612-080825.jpg
Lotlpk1.jpg Pk2.jpg
LotlBonus-4.jpg LotlBonus-4source.jpg
290 doors of destiny.jpg 290 doors of destinysource.jpg
LotlBonus-63.jpg LotlBonus-63source.jpg
400 sewer again.jpg 400 sewer againsource.jpg
417 bottoms up.jpg 417 bottoms upsource.jpg
403 boat.jpg 403 boatsource.jpg
141 three doors.jpg 141 three doorssource.jpg
163 branch1.jpg 163 branch1source.jpg
LotlBonus-52.jpg LotlBonus-52source.jpg
LotlBonus-54.jpg LotlBonus-54source.jpg
LotlBonus-9.jpg LotlBonus-9source.jpg